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MOLYKOTE (Dow Corning) Industrial BR2 PLUS General Purpose High-Performance Grease 1kg

$110.99 inc. GST

Product Description

Dow MOLYKOTE™ BR2-Plus High-Performance Grease consists of solid lubricants, mineral oil, lithium soap, and an EP additive. It is used for metal to metal applications that have medium to high loads and slow to fast movements. It is recommended for ball and socket joints, threaded spindles, sliding guides, and roller bearings. It provides protection against oxidation, scaring, corrosion, and water washout.

SKU / Product ID10632444
Typical Use:Can be used wherever grease lubrication is normally applied; multi-purpose as well as extreme pressure applications.
Components:1 part
Service Temperature:-30 to 130 °C
Specific Gravity:0.89 @ 25 °C